Bangalore Airport, Nuance

Bid submission / Retail narrative

Travel retail operator Nuance required a design strategy to support their bids at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai Airports. Following a series of workshops to establish the key characteristics, a narrative for each of the environments was devised and expressed. The success of the approach, established in 2006, became a standard practice for all bids thereafter.

For Bangalore Airport, India's Garden City, we defined the space using the rangoli technique. Rangoli, an indian art form, is a naturally occurring geometry traditionally created to represent luck. We experimented with drawing water lilly shapes, a signifier of wealth, in relation to the column grid to establish retail and public areas.

Both 'Expression Of Interest' and 'Request For Proposal' submissions embodied the concept of the rangoli and demonstrated its application across the airport and its environments.

In collaboration at Portland with Nuance.