The Word Wall


Developers ING Real Estate required wayfinding and signage for their Palace Exchange scheme, in Enfield. The Word Wall spans 200m x 4m above a string of retail units, and is composed of interlocking metal letters supported by thin metal cables. Recordings of local people in conversation became the basis for the content and the Madrone typeface slightly extended, was chosen for its lace like appearance and physical interlinking qualities.

Design strategy collage. 'The visual spine' defines what later became the Word Wall.

The Word Wall changes appearance depending on the weather and the time of day. Coloured illumination is used at night to celebrate key events such as Valentines day and St Patricks day. The fixings were elegantly defined and installed by marine builders Level 42 and the letters were cut by high powered waterjets.

The concept development of the lighting was by Hoare Lea Lighting and final light installation by Architen.

The work was awarded a Chairmans Commendation at the Enfield Design Awards 2007 and published in Illumination by Frame.

In collaboration at Portland with Reid Architects, Level 42 and Hoare Lea Lighting.




Working model 1:20

Working model 1:20